Our Services
We provide support services to individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other disabilities in a community-based setting.

We are committed to empowering individuals and devoted to providing quality services in the least restrictive environment.  All of our services are centered around the individual's choices and desires.

Our services range from 24-hour licensed facilities to services provided in an in-home or respite setting.  The individuals we assist set their own goals and their own boundaries.  They decide what they learn; we help them do it.

A sample of services offered is as follows:
      24-Hour Residential Services
Innovative community living programs which feature licensed settings for individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities.  Program are licensed as Adult Foster Care under the Department of Consumer and Industry Services.
      Supported Independent Living
Community-based apartment/home living in an unlicensed setting.  This type of program is an alternative for individuals who do not require 24-hour supervision and demostrate skills needed to live in the community with support services.
       Respite/Habilitation Waiver Services
Respite and home-based service offer education supports and training towards independence.  Many individuals are currently residing with family or friends.
      Transitional Independent Program
Community Based apartment/home living in an unlicensed setting.  This is a structured apartment-like residential settings for persons who require assistance but no longer need inpatient psychiatric care or a specialist group home setting.
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