Adult Learning Systems
Lower Michigan Inc.
Every donation- small or large-makes a difference!  There are three ways to donate to ALS-LM to help us provide quality services for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities.  

1. Give tax deductible financial support:   This is the most direct and effective way to help provide support services to our consumers and future consumers. Mail donations to ALS-LM 8170 Jackson Rd. Suite F Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

2. Give equipment or services:  Many of the persons served are constantly in need of some of the basic household items and services.  Some examples include:  cleaning supplies, clothing, linens,  fans and air conditioners, painting, computers, cleaning supplies.

3. Giving of your time:  ALS-LM has many opportunities for volunteers.  Any amount of time is welcomed and can assist persons in need. 

8170 Jackson Road Suite F Ann Arbor, MI 48103